Going on a trip? Taking a few classmates with you? Have to work out a budget? Well, here are the rules and everything you need to know about budgeting for your well-earned motu-cation.

You must include all costs:

  • Transport for you all from your school to the airport of departure (hire coach, taxi van, shuttle. NO free rides or lifts from parents)
  • Return Airfares (complete with per-person breakdown) for yourself, 9 classmates and two adults to the Chatham Islands 
  • Airport transfer costs (if any apply) between Karewa airport and your accommodation.
  • Accommodation costs for the duration of your stay (7 nights; Tuesday to Tuesday)
  • Food allowance of $40pp for each day (if not part of accommodation package)
  • Cost of foods taken (for lunches, daily snacks etc)
  • On Island Transport for the duration of visit
  • Access to all visitor tourism sites 
  • Transport from Airport back to school. 

Present all of this information on a google sheet or excel spreadsheet using Autosum to calculate the costs 

How do you find all of this information?

Contact the people or organisations involved.

Airlines: Air Chathams

Shuttles: Supershuttle

Accommodation providers on Rekohu: See Tours and Accommodation on the Moriori Education Website

Visitor sites on Rekohu: You will have to search for those yourself, or ask the accommodation providers about them. We cant do everything for you.