The Art of Teaching

These youtube clips are all associated with the Art of Teaching. As you will soon pick up, there is a strong representation of items by Sir Ken Robinson. Why? Why have a series of clips by an Americanised, ex-British civil servant holding forth about education, on a site that is primarily focused on educating New Zealand learners, in a very New Zealand context, but promoted by an Iwi group? 

Well. It’s simple. Good education is the same as it always has been. Learners learning what they want to learn and educators letting them learn what they want to learn, with a sprinkling of what they need to learn thrown in. A good educator (and we use the term very broadly-without an ounce of academic reference involved) knows that it is the learner that decides what they take on board and that decision will be made based on how interested, how relevant and how attractive the intended learning is for the learner. This has never been any different. Early man has always learned what interested him, based on fascination, need, desire and no amount of cajoling, coercion or force will change that. Of course there has always been the ruler-over-the-knuckles styled teacher that can make a child recite Shakespeare given enough applications of the ruler, but THAT is not ‘learning’. Recall is a lower order skill.

Tribesmen know that the young hunter will observe and take information in, but that learning is only truly embedded when they participate in the hunt. 

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