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This site is owned by Hokotehi Moriori Trust (HMT). The Unit Plans and Unit Plan Templates throughout the site were created or adapted by HMT for the FREE use by educators and learners across the globe.

The authors of the site make no apologies for any unit plans that mirror others already in existence or for the adaptation of any content that may have occurred in the creation of this site, but qualify that statement with the following:

  • All of our content is free. Free to download, free to use, free to adapt.
  • All of our created/adapted units are shared for the purpose of improving academic outcomes for learners, ALL learners. Irrespective of ethnicity for location, but done with a focus on New Zealand learners, using a New Zealand context.
  • No-one is making any money out of this site. Nothing is for sale here.
  • All unit plans that have been adapted were sourced from public domain and exist in multiple locations already throughout the internet
  • Any similarity to any existing unit plans such as (Kawa of the Marae) are just that: similarities. The unit plan was used as a template for further development. 

To all of those educators that have sent in unit plans for us to adapt: Thank you for your generosity. For those that may be considering doing so; Please ensure that you have the right to share them and that they are either public domain, your own work or freely available under the copyright laws.