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How do you and your family impact on the environment?

What evidence would someone find in 200 years that showed your environmental impact? What is your environmental footprint?

Check out the following table that highlights the impact that the three main ethnic/cultural groups have had on Rekohu over the years.

You can download a pdf or MsWord version of this table using the links at the bottom of the page.

Environmental Footprints

Site/AspectResources WithinMorioriEuropeanMaoriEvidence Today
Te Whanga LagoonEels, cockles, mussels, whitebait, flounder, herring, water, shark's teethFood source, transport, water.
Place to carve limestone, perhaps of worship, place of meeting of tribes
Food source, method of getting from A-B
Sharks teeth for decoration. Place of leisure
Food source, water, method of getting from A-B.Moriori/European/Maori:
Relics such as midden sites, and artefacts.
Sharks teeth. Tradition
European: Photographs
The Forest Environment Trees, plants, hills, waterways, hollows, lakes, stone outcrops, clearingsShelter, harvesting, hunting, spiritualityGrazing, crops, stone, harvesting, huntingProtection/shelter, harvesting, huntingMoriori: artefacts, tradition, studies
European: Clearings, Photographs, pasture, artefacts
Maori: artefacts, traditions,
PlantsTrees, shrubs, grasses, Medicine, food, firewood, weapons, tools, building material
Tree carvings
shelter, firewood, tools, building materials, studyMedicine, food, shelter, firewood, weapons, tools, building materialMoriori: Tree carvings, traditions
European: remains of old buildings. Museums, Photographs
Maori: artefacts, traditions
Bird lifePigeon, Taiko, Weka, muttonbirds, plovers, albatrossFood, feathers for decoration, bones for tools.Food, sport, studyFoodMoriori: midden sites, artefacts, traditions,
Europeans: museums, Photographs
Maori: traditions
StonesSchist, agyllite, obsidian, basalt, limestone, pumice, sandstone.Adzes , burial boxes, cutting slashing, skinning, firestones, umu, Grinding adzes, anchors and sinkersSelling adzes, study, constructionAnchorsMoriori: Artefacts and old stones traditions workings/sites
Europeans: Photographs Museums
Maori: artefacts
Streams and RiversEel, whitebait, fresh waterTransport, food, drinking, Transport, Food, drinkingTransport, food, drinking, Moriori: Traditions,
European: Photographs
Off-shore IslandsAlbatross, mutton birds, gulls, bluebellies, eggs, pigeon, sealsFood, tools, sanctuaryFood, seals, studyFoodMoriori: artefacts, tradition
European: photgraphs, museums, records
The SeaSeals, shark, blue cod, butterfish, hapuka, conga eels, blind eels, whitebait, herring, whales, sea weed, kelp, octopus, starfish, kina, paua, lobster,crab, saltFood, clothing, transport, tools, decorationFood, income, transportFood, income, transportMoriori: middens, arefacts, photographs, tradition,
European: history, photographs, museums,
Maori: traditions, recorded history, photgraphs,
The WeatherRain, hail, sleet, snow, wind, sun, night, day, winter, summer, autumn, spring, tidesWater, warmth, clues to seasons, for birding and fishing. Water, warmth, growth of crops, Water, warmth, seasons for crops and birds. Moriori: artefacts, location of sites. (shelter)
European: North facing sites
Maori: location of pa’s (sheltered)
A table highlighting the historical use of various places around Rekohu and the impact of human activity.


Download the pdf version here

or the msword version here


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