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There are plenty of warm-water tourist-friendly South Pacific island destinations on our planet, but many of them are at a more advanced tourism phase than our target destination.

The following selections offer tourism product that are at least similar, as the target destination, and / or the local population is of a similar size, or the location is in similar latitudes (ie: NOT warm water) or the cultural offerings or history is as available.

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Falkland Islands Tourist Board

The Falkland Islands (or Islas Malvinas) are  nearly 600 kms away from Santa Cruz, Argentina. There are 3 ways to get there, which you can check out here >>>

The islands  are only some 1200 kms from the the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The Falklands are a self-governed British Overseas Territory

Check out these videos of Falkland Island Tours

How British are the Falkland Islands 

A Journey to the Bottom of the Earth 

The Galapogos Islands straddle the equator 906 kms West of Ecuador. While they dont match our target destination in terms of climate, they are similarly isolated.  Access is restricted and many locations require you to be accompanied by a Park-certified guide.

Checkout the following videos about these noah’s Ark style islands

Are they worth it? 

How to get there: 

Galapagos on a budget: 

Tristan da Cunha is part of an isolated group of islands on the 37th South parallel and is a British Overseas Territory. Like Rēkohu, it is a globally important breeding ground for seals, seabirds, penguins and albatross.

Access is ‘difficult’ and expensive.

Tourism dollars are sought after. Checkout this video about St Helena (part of the group in this British Overseas Territory 

This video show a day in the life of Tristan da Cunha 


Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is located 2075  kms to the West of the Pitcairn Islands and only 415 kms away from the most eastern point of Oceania. Similar to our target destination, Rapa Nui has an ancient culture, is rich in natural features and abundant in endemic species of birds, plants and insects and the surrounding waters abound with sea life.

The following video highlights some of the connections between New Zealand and Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

National Geographic: Secrets of Easter Island

Visiting Easter Island 

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Whilst Pitcairn Island has a turbulent past, and it is in warmer waters, the difficulties in getting there, and it’s relationship to New Zealand do make it suitable for this category. Pitcairn is a British Overseas Territory, administered from New Zealand.

Checkout this video of the Governor’s first visit to the Islands here

Watch “7 Facts about Pitcairn”