Who are the key people that hold the knowledge about the communty they live in? What roles are there in most communities, including remote communities that would be open to communication from outside, that could help me get information about that place.

Image result for police nzPolice: Most communities have a police officer that is responsible for that area and is available or within a couple of hours drive at the moment. They will obviously know the community. Click here for a list of Police Stations across New Zealand.

Post Shops: Most communities have postal delivery of some description or a pickup/dropoff location for mail. Click here for a list of Post Shops across New Zealand

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Local Council:  Every community in New Zealand, including our inhabited offshore islands ‘fit’ under the umbrella of a district or regional council, or territorial authority. Click here for a list of Councils across New Zealand

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Schools: Most children in New Zealand have access to a school, usually within a range not exceeding an hours drive. Contact the local schools for information about the community.  Click here to access a list of every publicly funded school in New Zealand, including contact details. (Note: the lists are in excel spreadsheet format.)

Marae: Most communities have a marae somewhere or have an affiliation with a nearby marae. This amazing site called Māori maps contains a map showing all those marae across New Zealand and their contact details. Click here.


Wikipedia also has a list of marae across New Zealand here.

HealthpointMedical Centres: Most communities are served by a medical centre, or are withing an hour or two away from one, so locals will probably still register with the nearest one. Click here to visit a site that offers this information from a searchable database. Most medical centres will have some sort of information available about their community.

Ministry of HealthHospitals: Most regions have a hospital or base hospital. Click here for an interactive map of hospitals across New Zealand which also provides contact details.

Wikipedia also have a list of hospitals, presented by each region. Click here to access the list.

Other possibilities for gaining information from ‘real people’ about their communities:

  • Fishing clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Netball Clubs
  • “Other” sports clubs
  • Community Centres (search relevant council first then search for community centres in that region)
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Preschools and playcentres
  • Kura Kaupapa
  • Arts and fashion community
  • Galleries and Museums
  • Historical societies
  • Retails businesses
  • Transport  providers
  • Hoteliers and Moteliers (Contact through searching for them or through associations)
  • Cultural clubs and associations