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Free Education Resources

For educators that care about the futures that they are helping to create

Free Education Resources

Learn about this long forgotten aspect of New Zealand's history

Free Education Resources

Learn how PEACE can prevail over oppression and injustice in a New Zealand context

Free Education Resources

Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Unit Plan Templates and lots of other FREE resources for Educators


Free Unit Plan Templates

Mathematics, Technology, Social Sciences, Language


Rēkohu (a.k.a. the Chatham Islands) lies 800kms to the East of mainland New Zealand, out on the edge of time where the dateline curves around it and the world begins.


All Moriori today trace their ancestry back to Rongomaiwhenua. Moriori have adhered to a covenant of peace for over 500 years and this remains a beacon of hope for Moriori today.


The Moriori are the indigenous people of Rēkohu (Chatham Island) and Rangihaute (Pitt Island), the two largest islands in the remote Chatham group.


Moriori creation stories tell of how in the beginning Rangi (the heavens) and Papa (the earth) dwelt in darkness. The spirit Rangitokona arose and asked them to separate.

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We provide full unit plan templates for each curriculum area, all FREE of charge.All we ask is that you acknowledge where you got them from.

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