About Education-Resources

Education-Resources is the property of Hokotehi Moriori Trust. They are the mandated group that represent the Moriori people of Rēkohu and Aotearoa. This site was first constructed in 2007 to provide a range of free education resources for educators across the globe that would also help highlight the uniqueness of Moriori and their message of peace. This latest rewrite builds on that same message of peace and hope, for all peoples of the world and for an end to the devastation and environmental harm that we are causing to our beloved Papatuanuk' (planet earth). The resources on this site reflect ongoing changes in educational pedagogies and encourage 21st century teaching and learning. 

This Education Resources site has blank unit plan and lesson templates available for educators to download for FREE. The site is maintained by web-works from Timaru. All new unit plans have been adapted by web-works on behalf of Hokotehi Moriori Trust and made available for download here FOR FREE. The significant difference between our unit plans and others available online (apart from that ours are FREE) is that where possible, we also encourage users and learners to consider the Moriori perspective on the learning, activities and outcomes.

Moriori Education Resources can be found by clicking here >>>>>

All resources and plans encourage learners to engage in web-based tools and 21st century learning. Most tasks encourage both independent learning and collaboration. All tasks involve some higher order thinking skills, researching, creating and reporting.

All information is sourced from the public domain.

Educating for the future is the future


Official Moriori Website

Follow the links below to go to the official Moriori website or to get contact details for Te Imi Moriori. Make sure that you share our FREE Unit Plans, FREE Lesson Plans, FREE Unit-Plan Templates FREE Lesson-Plan Templates with everyone that might have a use for them. Dont forget, we offer free resources and information for your students to learn about New Zealand and Moriori We receive, source, adapt and use lesson plans and unit plans, resources and tools from every corner of the internet for you, for FREE. Check out the Hokotehi Moriori Trust's official Moriori website here.

Units for all occasions

We provide Lesson Plans, Unit Plans and Unit Plan Templates across the entire curriculum, from Mathematics, to Health, Science to Physical Education and Art.  If you havent found anything to suit your needs yet, we are continuously updating this site, so check back in regularly because we'll have what you need at some stage - for FREE


About Education Resources

Education Resources provides free resources for educators and learners. This is part of the kaupapa of Te Imi Moriori. All they ask in return, is that you acknowledge Education-Resources (somewhere: your blog, in your own lesson plans, in your classroom, or even send us an email to support@education-resources.co.nz) and teach your learners about the history and aspirations of the Moriori People. Me Rongo.


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