Getting Here

There are not too many ways of getting to Rekohu and it is not a cheap destination.Getting Here - A fighter jet sitting on top of a runway - Narrow-body aircraft There is only one airline; Air Chathams. Their schedule and prices can be found on their website at

For many years, the  Islands were serviced by Sunderland Flying boats, one of the last of which remains on the islands today and is being restored by a group of dedicated enthusiasts.

Some time after the demise of the Sunderlands, Safe Air  began servicing the islands using Bristol Freighters and then Argosy aircraft.

From 1990 – 1992 Mount Cook Airlines took over ‘the run’ using Hawker Siddley aircraft competing against the newly formed, locally-owned and operated Air Chathams.

Since 1992, there has been the odd chartered aircraft visit the islands, but the sole carrier is Air Chathams.

Air Chathams provides a four flights per week service to Rekohu. One day per week from Auckland and Christchurch and two days per week from Wellington.

They also offer the option of charter flights on request.


Owned by Craig and Marion Emeny, Air Chathams was established in 1984 and worked with the local Chatham Island people to create a safe and reliable airline that would support the transportation of both people and freight to and from New Zealand.

Craig Emeny first moved to the Chatham Islands when he was offered a job as a pilot operating services between Chatham and Pitt Islands on behalf of a New Zealand based airline.

At that time there was no regular service between the Chatham Islands and New Zealand and this prompted Craig to start his own airline beginning operations to mainland New Zealand airports.

Initial flights transported live crayfish from Pitt Island to Chatham Island and then from Chatham Island to Gisborne in a Cessna Super Skymaster.

The regular link between Chatham and Pitt Islands continued.

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