The following profiles belong to people of known moriori heritage who have in some way or another made a significant contribution towards  the culture, history, traditions, renaissance or re-establishment of Moriori culture, mana, rights and position, either historically or recently or contemporarily.

Of course, there are many many people, throughout the millennia, and particularly those more prominent advocates for Moriori who have surfaced in the past 30+ years that could also grace this page. The most prominent over a sustained period of time have been chosen, which is not to dismiss all those others, but some delineation must be drawn.

Hirawanu Tapu

Hirawanu Tapu was born about 1824 at Te Awapatiki on the east coast of Rekohu. When Te Ati Awa invaded Rekohu in 1835, he was enslaved by Ngati Tama and taken by them in turn to Waitahi, Ngatikitiki, and finally Kaingaroa, where he was a possession of chief Wiremu Kingi Meremere.

Nunuku Whenua

Nunuku-whenua, the high ranking Moriori chief of the Hamata tribe, who established "Nunuku's Law," which forbade war, cannibalism or killing, in any form.


Rongomaiwhenua is the ancestor of all Moriori living today.

Tame Horomona Rehe

Tommy Solomon (Tame Horomona Rehe) was born on Rekohu in 1884 and died there in 1933, aged just 49.