Whai Takina (values)

Moriori are by tradition a people who have always placed great emphasis on whanonga pono (values) and hokotuiho (respect). To be able to survive and thrive on the often-harsh environment of Rekohu for so many hundreds of years, would not have been possible without such firmly held beliefs and expectations. Everything is sacred, nothing is to be wasted and every creature has a part to play in the big picture, therefore demanding whakamiha. Careful management of resources ensures survival.

Hokotehi Moriori Trust has a set of values which all trustees and members are expected to adhere to and to promote.

  • Ihi Moriori: We are the mandated authority for Te Imi Moriori
  • Wairutanga: We uphold the spirituality of our Karapuna
  • Hokotehitanga: We are advocates for tribal unity
  • Me Rongo: We are a peaceful people that values human life, values people
  • Kaitiaki: We are the guardians of Rekohu, Rangiaote and the outlying islands of Rekohu
  • Rongowhenua: We embrace the Moriori tradition of respect for the land
  • Rongomoana: We embrace the Moriori tradition of respect for the sea
  • Tikane / Toho: We embrace all our traditional values and beliefs
  • Hokotipuranga: We are building a platform for future generations, we value sustainable development and long term relationships
  • Pono / Integrity: We are honest and keep to our word
  • Utanga / Commitment: We are focused on achieving our goals
  • Manaaki: We are a sharing people
  • Te Aka Moriori / Communication: We are open and transparent
  • Hunaungatanga: We are family oriented

Moriori today derive great inspiration from the wisdom and values as practised by our karapuna (ancestors). Learning to live in peace and sharing the resources of the land and the sea ensured the survival of our people on this remote Pacific island home, for many centuries. These values are as important today for the future prosperity of the community living on Rekohu and Moriori people generally, as they were in our ancestor’s times. The challenge for Moriori today, will be to apply the wisdom and values of the past to ensure the physical and spiritual nourishment of present and future generations of Moriori. In this way the legacy of our karapuna will be truly honoured.

Education-resources, which is owned by Hokotehi Moriori Trust has created a list of values that apply specifically to the context of education. All resources on this site must have these values at the heart of them.

  • Imi Moriori: Moriori are the Tchakat Henu and rightful guardians of Rekohu
  • Hokouka: Sustainability, conservation, environmental guardianship
  • Manawa akonga: Learners are at the heart of what we do.
  • Nunukutanga:  To care for each other and show respect, means that in return one can expect the same.
Re Moriori (the language)

Do you want to learn some Re Moriori? Click below and go and have a look at the examples of Re Moriori?


Free Education resources unit-plans

If you are doing a unit on settlement with your kids, consider doing the Misty Skies unit as part of your studies. It makes a nice comparison with the settlement of New Zealand. The difference on Rekohu is that the Europeans came before the Maori, and after the Moriori. Have a look, its fascinating and kids love it. This is something completely new for them and gets them away from the ‘same old stuff’ that some teachers tend to teach for their Treaty topics.

To download unit plan templates in each curriculum area, simply go to the appropriate curriculum area by clicking on one of the links to the left. Each curriculum page has a drop-down list containing all of the unit plan templates….(for free)…..