Digitech or Digital technology learning is not about learning how to use computers, ipads, tablets and smartphones. It might involve using some or all of those things, but the purpose or point of the learning is about acquiring and applying specific ways of thinking about solving problems and creating innovative, purpose-designed digital solutions.

Today’s digitech akonga (learners) are the Zuckerbergs and Jobs of tomorrow.

Digital Technologies empowers students to move from being confident users and consumers of digital systems − ICT as a general capability − to being discerning and creative problem solvers, equipped for an increasingly knowledge-based economy and society.

Digitech is presented as a part of the Technology curriculum and units of learning can be found there.

Re Moriori (the language)

Do you want to learn some Re Moriori? Click below and go and have a look at the examples of Re Moriori?


Free Education resources unit-plans

If you are doing a unit on settlement with your kids, consider doing the Misty Skies unit as part of your studies. It makes a nice comparison with the settlement of New Zealand. The difference on Rekohu is that the Europeans came before the Maori, and after the Moriori. Have a look, its fascinating and kids love it. This is something completely new for them and gets them away from the ‘same old stuff’ that some teachers tend to teach for their Treaty topics.

To download unit plan templates in each curriculum area, simply go to the appropriate curriculum area by clicking on one of the links to the left. Each curriculum page has a drop-down list containing all of the unit plan templates….(for free)…..