Unit Plans

On this page you can select the Unit Plan or pedagogical page that you are after. You will also find links to the unit-plan templates below.

All of our completed unit plans have several specific features. They all include;

  • a key competency focus
  • a moriori perspective
  • assessment tasks
  • multi-media and web tasks
  • options for learners to demonstrate success

In addition to that some of our unit-plans also include specific M.I. tasks (multiple intelligences) and assessment rubrics, designed to enable all learners to be able to be successful in some form.


Because we believe that learning should be aimed at the needs and abilities of the individual. We believe that personalised learning is the way to guarantee success for all students and learners. We also further believe that what looks like success for you, may not match our expectations, nor the expectations for your learners.

Success for some may be simply getting to school each day, whereas you expect them to then also learn. Success for some may be in having all their books and equipment for each lesson and getting through half of the work each day, not in achieving an arbitrary standard. And success for some might be in figuring out how something works, not in passing a maths test.

There is ample research available (Hattie 2003)  to suggest that learners decide what they learn, not teachers. Therefore it is best to involve them in planning the learning tasks.

Theories about learning

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To download unit plan templates in each curriculum area, simply go to the appropriate curriculum area by clicking on one of the links below. Each of the corresponding curriculum pages has a drop-down list containing all of the unit plan templates….(for free)…..or you could try the list below?


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